Rain. Darkness

Darkness spreading its arms around me,

like rain drops covering the ground, quick and fast.

Turning it moist and dark.

Darkness holds me in its arms,

and I am not afraid.

for I feel the warmth,

This light that lights me aglow inside.

my heart, a bright flame

Never mocking the darkness

its not a wish to conquer

a mere dream to be let on my own way

for it is only darkness

that lets me be, who I really am.Image



Starlight is nothing but dust

coming alive with music of the cosmos.

Notes dripping over the silent infinite voids.

Glitter thrown in the pathway

of stars that never stop but to wink.

Red, blue, orange and magenta dust rising over the horizon.

Standing here with the twin sunsets, I feel elated.

For this is but the first stop.

Thoughts run through mind,

like the stardust spreading the light down the milky way.

Things are bright, things are new,

things are old but come right through.

Scribbles of ancient angels feigning to leave behind

their love, it is but all whimsical wishes.


A piece of Eternity

drive, drive faster, you don’t want to miss the sunset!!! just look how brilliant it is, even from here…

listening to the cheerful voices I leaned towards the window, and I was wondering how the sunset would be changing colors as we drive, what right now is yellow-orange brilliance of molten gold poured over the evening sea would be pink red hues, strangely peaceful regardless of their inner warmth. But if we are too late in getting to the beach, it will be the lavenders and violets with hints of impending night’s blue that will be greeting us, with wisps of red, orange and yellow, streamers of glorious celebration strewn on the floor of the exhausted evening sky. It is almost if the players are worn out from playing a rather passionate, glorious symphony, fulfilling, but tiring as well, but what wouldn’t one give to live such glory even if it is for a moment, for it stays in heart, enriches the memories and brightens the future. One piece of eternity and bliss that is your own, that which you own.

words often fall short
with the values that we claim to exhort
I am tired of trying to be right all the time
may be being right is wrong after all
while life resembles a pantomime
words though lagging behind,
will always come through if not in rhyme
some enrich, some enthrall
some will raise me up when I fall.

Dreams for you Boy

boy, sea by vas paris

boy, sea by vas paris

Dreams be swift , yet light as a feather and a sun ray

dreams be true, and untouched by sorrow or evil, come what may

Wishing you dreams of mirth , solitude and love

wishing to let you know that we are together , in on this some how,

boy drifting on the sea of wishes, clouds are calling you too

air faint, slightly warm and caring across you cheek,

drifting up to ruffle your hair, as sun dances over the peak

Inspired by a lovely poem By Oscar Nupra

worDy… with D

D: your poetry is a flippin maze
which never ceases to amaze

me: yet it lays open to your gaze
as you try to wade through the haze
and battle the daze
in a bid to unfaze

D: yeah may be this is just a phase
part of life , part of a big stage
but pretty soon
I will get better and gauge
and come of my age

Me: and may be then you will see what I want do as I rage
or complain in silence is to break this cage

D: this will definitely go down in that page
of a book that i will write at some stage
in which i will describe the inert beauty of nature
and equate it to your lyrical stature

Poetry duel with Dharani at about 3 am give or take, and a sweet victory… sweet to me , victory to him!!!!